I’m Jackie, Certified Heath Coach & Functional Nutrition Specialist.
I’m here to show you how incredibly satisfying, peaceful, and simple life can become once you feel good in your body.

The kind of “goodness” that makes your headspace crystal clear and focused. The kind that has you moving in and out of yoga poses and CrossFit intervals with ease. And the kind that has your energy feeling high, unlimited, and real, not induced by caffeine. 

Feeling good means you’re free. From the digestive discomfort, mood swings, food sensitivities, insomnia, and weight that just won’t budge--the things that keep you feeling stuck, stagnant, and in a cycle of eating and living that just isn’t working.

This is where we get to the bottom of things, initiate the healing process, and find your freedom, naturally. Right here. 

I’m all about taking a holistic approach because I know when we infuse our bodies with nutrient dense, unprocessed foods, we change on a cellular level. 

I experienced a shift in my own body when I got into the whole green smoothie craze in my 20’s. And as I navigated jobs that didn’t light me up, I used my non-working hours to explore farmer’s markets, cook more meals from scratch, and really understand how food affected my body. 

What happened? My weight stabilized. My thinking became clearer. And my energy was smooth and steady. I was hooked and immediately immersed myself in holistic nutrition. I started taking yoga classes regularly, reading book after book, and learning from herbal medicine experts at The Open Center in New York City. 

A couple years later , I found the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and decided to get my health coaching certification. At this point, I was lit up, brimming with knowledge, and ready for a career transition. I knew it was time to start sharing my healthy eating and living strategies with women and men who needed a transformation of their own. 

So I started building my practice in 2012, as well as my escape plan from a corporate gig that felt completely un-me. Within a few years, I was fortunate to start working alongside Dr. Frank Lipman, a functional M.D. and became a health coach fulltime. Cue the next phase of my education where I learned the ins and outs of functional nutrition and key supplements that promote the body’s return from dysfunction and disease to optimal functionality. 

Today, I’m a Health Coach at Parsley Health, a groundbreaking medical practice that takes a Functional Medicine approach to health. 

I’ve had the honor of guiding many people out of the haze of sugar addiction, chronic pain, digestive distress, excess weight,fatigue and more into real freedom, peace, and the kind of health that has them feeling like they’ve got a new lease on life.  Now they connect with their food, take deep breaths, and have the kind of clarity that empowers them to live, eat, and create at their best.