Snowbound yesterday so had to whip up dinner with some staples we had on hand - this proved to be a delicious solution. Didn't add chicken, added shiitake mushrooms + broccoli. 

Currently reading this - scary BUT knowledge IS power. 

Been practicing the Breath of Joy this week. 

Natural deodorant, sigh. In my experience trying so many it either doesn't work or super irritates my armpits. But, I'm pretty committed to not using the toxic stuff, so I keep trying. Just learned about PiperWai - definitely going to give it a try. Stay tuned. 

Making nomato sauce (Topher is avoiding nightshades for a bit) from this cookbook and paleo meatballs tonight, likely over Cappello's fettuccine

Going alcohol free this weekend, but excited about the mocktails I'm going to whip up with sparkling mineral water, bitters, tart cherry juice and a squeeze of lime. 

In other beverage news, been enjoying a digestive tonic of aloe juice, filtered water + lemon or lime juice these days. 

Discovered this brand at Whole Foods this morning, came home, made a breakfast burrito. Passed the test, new fave.