Client Testimonials 

Working with Jackie was an eye opener for me and I can’t thank her enough for all I learned about nutrition and, most importantly, about myself. Before doing her program, I was at a loss. I was getting sick with food all the time and had seen many doctors over the years trying to find out what was my problem. I came to a point where I was increasingly limiting my diet simply because I couldn’t pin point what was making me sick and felt so disconnected (and frustrated) with my body. I didn’t know what to do and felt overwhelmed with all the conflicting information and different recommendations out there.
Jackie helped approach my diet holistically and become better in-tune with my body, paying attention to how I felt about what and how I eat, as well as helping me make better choices with many tips and recipes. My favorite thing about her program is that it’s highly personalized and about YOU. It’s about respecting your lifestyle and your preferences, not forcing you to do certain diet or taking away the things you like the most. I felt encouraged with achievable, realistic goals that we set together every time. I was able to incorporate new things more easily and start seeing my diet as a whole health approach, considering all other parts of my life. Jackie is super knowledgeable, flexible and a sweetheart who really wants to see you succeed!”  – Thici C.,  NYC

"Though I exercised 3-4 times a week, I really couldn't lose the ten pounds of fluff weight I was carrying around.  I also noticed that my sugar cravings seemed to have gotten worse (one cupcake wasn't enough, I wanted three cupcakes).  I started to work with Jackie on overcoming my sugar cravings.  She was able to help me quit sugar and eat cleaner so that I not only lost the weight, but found an easier, healthier food lifestyle that meets my needs and eliminated my cravings." - Michele J., Brooklyn, NY

"It was such an amazing and uplifting experience working with Jackie. I decided to start nutritional counseling because I felt that I just did not have enough energy during the day and had severely limited my food and drink options due to sensitivities and allergic reactions. 
In a relatively short period of time I increased my range of food and drink options, transitioned to more mindful eating, identified healthy travel snacks to carry with me (what a life-changer!), decreased caffeine and sugar consumption and increased water intake. We even managed to identify red and white wines I could tolerate! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" - Kristina W., Brooklyn, NY

"Before working with Jackie, I felt good but not fantastic. I thought I was making healthy choices but I felt so static. Not sleeping well, often uncomfortable and just not at my personal best. The decision to seek help came at exactly the right time and Jackie was exactly the kind of support I needed. 
Since working with Jackie I feel so much more aware of my self and my diet. She really took a journey along with me discovering inflammatory foods, identifying stressors and curbing bad habits. Through working with Jackie, I started eating healthier but I also adjusted my goals and expectations of my diet and myself. It’s been a transformation, I haven’t felt forced into a new diet-- instead it’s been a gradual change that my body has just adapted to. I’ve conquered a plethora of personal challenges by eliminating gluten and soy. It may be a lifestyle but it feels like the most natural transition for me. I’m sleeping better, eating healthier and feeling better. I’d recommend working with Jackie to anyone. She has a real wealth of knowledge. It isn’t just around food and healthy eating, it truly is a total wellness program." - Brittney W. , Los Angeles 

"Jackie's warm, encouraging, and structured approach was immensely effective in helping me achieve my health goals. When we started our work together, she immediately began translating my overarching goal of improving my relationship to food into a comprehensive outline of specific goals and concrete steps for each session over the subsequent four months. Jackie is not only incredibly knowledgeable about nutrition, but she is able to fluidly integrate it into a holistic approach to mind/body health. My journey of learning how to nourish myself with whole, clean foods and how to adopt a weekly routine to support healthy habits was almost easy with her guidance and support. Jackie's passion about her work and genuine excitement about the progress I made along the way was inspiring and motivating. I left our work feeling well equipped with the knowledge and skills to sustain a nutritious diet that enhances my energy levels, minimizes stress and emotional eating, and maintains the weight loss I achieved as a result of our work together. It was a really wonderful experience working with Jackie and I highly recommend her to anyone who wishes to improve their mind/body health." - Katie E., NYC

“Working with Jackie over the past 6 months has helped me so much, and in ways far more comprehensive than I expected.  When I started working with Jackie, I knew I was unhappy with my body and my eating habits, but I didn’t realize how much the way I was eating was affecting my emotional well being and how much my emotional state was affecting the way I was eating. Jackie helped me focus not just on eating well, but on taking other steps to live well and feel healthy, all while breaking everything down into small, manageable goals that didn’t feel overwhelming. In the time I spent working with Jackie, I not only met my original goal of losing 20 pounds, but I met other goals that I hadn’t even realized I had.”     - Emily Linde, NYC

“I should begin by saying that I am a student going to college in NYC and began my journey with Jackie when I felt like I really needed to take control of my eating once and for all. Throughout my life, I have recognized myself to be a compulsive over-eater, rooting to issues dating back to my childhood. I’ve deeply struggled with body image throughout my young life, and have always obsessed over things like calories and attempting to lose weight.
Since working with Jackie, I now feel like I know how to shop, cook meals, eat cleanly, not over eat, and stress significantly less about food. Food used to be an all consuming and frankly suffocating part of my day. Now, I think about how something I’m eating is fueling and nourishing me through a really demanding day. Even when I “slip up” and eat something that maybe isn’t great for me, my guilt complex isn’t there anymore. I now realize that there is so much opportunity to eat well otherwise. (Jackie has a great way in particular of looking at this!)
I also found that with Jackie’s slow and easy goal system, I was able to focus on small steps. This made the whole processes so much easier. And after years of feeling like I was unable to lose a single pound, the weight started coming off. I cannot stress enough that I DON’T diet. I DON’T calorie count. I DON’T feel deprived. I feel like how a 20 year old should -confident and free to live a fun delicious life in NYC!
I admit that I was hesitant to work with a nutritionist on the phone. I always felt that face to face held more accountability. However, this certainly was not my case with Jackie. She was always available to answer any of my emails, and the phone sessions were always very informative and upbeat. Even on “off” weeks (in between sessions), Jackie is an awesome cheerleader. I cannot thank her enough. After six months, I feel like a brand new young woman.“     -Erin Pienta , NYC

Jackie is an extraordinary health coach in that she takes the time and effort to really consider each concern, desire, or goal on a personalized level. With her help, I lost close to 20lbs in the last several months, and picked-up amazing techniques for better balancing work and life. More than anything, I have become the healthful body and mind I always strove to become; but could never on my own.”     – Arnava Asen, NYC

Working with Jackie gave me a new found sense of power regarding my diet and an awakened respect for my body–inside and out. She introduced me to new tactics not only for eating well, but also for living well. Not to sound dramatic, but it was the ‘wake-up call’ that I needed and it really bettered my relationship with diet and exercise for life.”  - Deenie H. ,,  NYC

"Jackie helped me fine tune my larger goals and break them down into smaller, easier to accomplish goals month-to-month, and was sure to note when I had reached them (and to celebrate with me!) She was really great at coming up with solutions to problems I thought were unsolvable (for instance, when I felt like there would be no satisfying replacement for dairy in my life, she had many, many excellent suggestions that I still utilize to this day).  She was flexible, caring, and clever.  She definitely knows her stuff.  Best of all, I could tell Jackie really cared about me and the work I was doing, and was a great support during a time of many changes.  
I ended my work with Jackie in April of 2014 but have continued to progress on my own, and I'm sure that my solo successes have been a direct result of my work
with her.  Having the support and accountability that 6 months of coaching gives facilitated the discipline that goes along with taking good care of myself through my diet.  
At this point I am I'm totally free of coffee (do you hear me? TOTALY FREE and loving it), dairy, most soy, simple carbs, and I make 90% of my meals at home. My sleep is longer and better quality.  I have twice as much energy as I used to.  I learned how to truly care for myself.  It took A LOT of work, and was not always easy.  These changes never would have been possible without the work I did with Jackie.  If you are really looking to change your life, Jackie is the person to help you make that change.  I cannot recommend her highly enough." - Meg D., NYC 

"I finally got fed up with my pain. I was always sick, my immunity was so low that anytime I traveled, I was guaranteed an illness. Not the best way to start vacations. I had just "recovered" from Leaky Gut. The pain had gone away but there were still so many issues with my digestion that needed to be healed after all it went thru. I did a 6-month program with Jackie and followed it religiously, healing myself with whole foods, elimination of processed foods, and added natural minerals and supplements for support. No drugs. 
When we first began, I filled out a symptoms list and until I saw it on paper, I was shocked at how much pain I have been in all these years. We tend to get used to them I guess. :(  I had no idea that this journey would clear up symptoms that I had all my life, even during my adolescence. . My leaky gut has not even knocked once, my headaches, fatigue, insomnia and monthly lady cramps are GONE, and I have not been sick for months.  I have re-wired my brain to stay away from foods that make me feel like crap and I love it. I have better focus, more energy, and less anxiety. I finally have balance. Jackie was such a pleasure to work with, always on time with our calls, and followed up every week with my goals and helped me stay on track." - CM, NYC