So, it's been a minute! I missed sharing in this space - so the SLICE series is starting up again. 

Since I last posted in April, there have been some updates on my end - I started working full-time at Parsley Health and I got MARRIED! Things have been busy but great. 

If you're new here, this space is where I like to share what is currently inspiring me in one way or another. Here's what made this list this week:

I jumped on the Instant Pot ban wagon about a month ago. It's officially as amazing as the cult like following claims it to be. So far I've been making some great simple bean/veggie soups in it. Particularly swooning over the fact that the beloved food blogger Heidi Swanson got one and is cooking up beautiful recipes! This one is on my list to make this week. 

On the recommendation of a client I work with I recently finished When the Body Says No - great read to understand the emotional drivers behind dis-ease in the body. 

Just listened to this podcast (part 1&2) and her new book is on my wish list. 

Nutritious Movement - love this concept. 

On that note - here's my favorite standing desk - give it a try, game changer. 

Been dealing with a little tooth/gum issue stemming from an injury long ago :0 so testing out these oral probiotics - the oral microbiome is where a healthy gut microbiome starts!



Learn to be more positive

This mascara just arrived - finding clean mascara has proven to be a challenge, can't wait to try it - stay tuned for efficacy! Before ordering I cross checked it (as I always do for self care and home products on EWGs app) and it's EWG verified ( #win ). 

I was gifted this book by a mentor of mine. My favorite part of it so far is a chapter on directed dreaming and quantum thinking aka our thoughts become our reality. 

Psyched that it's warming up enough where smoothies for breakfast feel right again. This week I've mixed up 1/2 a can of full fat coconut milk, filtered water, 3 tbsps of collagen powder, 1/2 cup of organic frozen blueberries, 1 tbsp Nuttzo, and kale. 

Podcast I've been listening to this week. Loved this episode

Great visual on Square Breathing for anxiety - accessible anywhere, anytime. 



Ordered this cookbook - if you aren't familiar with Dr. Terry Wahl's and her healing journey I highly recommend you check it out - incredible, inspiring.  

Deep breaths and this meditation while prepping my tax payments today. 

Rosemary Gladstar on Wild Greens + Spring Remedies

Environment toxins are real and really harmful - reading up on this topic lately

Avocaderia! The concept is slightly hilarious + amazing at the same time. Brooklynites, have you tried this spot?!

Scored this book at the library used book sale last weekend - haven't dug into it yet, but love the concept. 

'Tis the season for fresh herbs - treat them like a bouquet of flowers