What is Sole + 3 Reasons To Drink It Daily

Sole {pronounced sol-ay} is water that has been saturated for at least 24 hours in high quality salt. What it creates is a highly mineralized, electrolyte dense water concentration that you can then drink a teaspoon of daily to detoxify and revitalize the body. I'm just making my first batch today and am excited to start having this elixir daily! 

3 health promoting reasons I'm incorporating Sole into my morning routine:

  1.  High mineral content :: Unfortunately, due to soil depletion most of us are deficient in important minerals and supplementing is a fantastic way to make sure you're getting enough. The body uses minerals to perform many different functions - some examples are; build strong bones and teeth, nerve function, helps the body to create certain hormones and supports healthy metabolism function. Sole can supply the body with 84 essential minerals.
  2. Skin health :: Minerals such as zinc, iodine and sulphur help to keep our skin healthy and resilient. Getting a nice dose of this everyday can help you to combat acne and other skin imbalances or simply help you maintain healthy skin.
  3.  Improves sleep quality :: Many people have a tough time sleeping and one common reason is mineral deficiency. When I work with clients I often recommend supplementing with magnesium for a better sleep. Sole water provides magnesium as well as other other important trace minerals to help your body calm and relax for a restful nights sleep. 

How to make Sole:
1. Purchase high quality sea salt such as Celtic or Himalayan. I bough this chunky Himalayan Sea Salt kit, which is great because it comes with directions and a container to make it in! 
2. Fill a glass container with 1/4 sea salt and the rest filtered water. Give it a shake. {Do not use metal as part of your container as it will de-ionize the salt}
3. Leave for 24 hours. 
4. The Sole will last indefinitely at room temperature due to it's natural anti-bacterial properties.

To Use:
Add 1 tsp of Sole to a glass of water each morning before eating or drinking anything.