Humans love attachment to the past, material objects, roles, relationships, titles, habits, stages of life and so on.

In my work with clients I often see that a surge in change leads them to feel that they are no longer in control - this puts them over the edge.

They start to eat foods they don't want to eat, think negatively, speak negatively (most often to themselves), anxiety roars, stress mounts. "If only x (insert: job, relationship, home, etc) didn't change none of this would be happening to me". How do we roll with change so that we don't become victim to it?

A softening, a surrendering to change requires acceptance of impermanence, the ability to to not be defined by your attachments and most importantly a collection of tools to ground you as you move through the flow of life. Focusing on the latter first, can help you find a path to the former. 

Some of my favorite tools are yoga, meditation, breath work, books, cooking, nature, friends.

Cultivating tools for yourself makes a world of difference.
Ideally, these are things you do on a regular basis so that when life flares up or surprises you in its suddenness, you're able to better deal with it in the moment. Tools give you strength. They help you tap into your internal reservoir of courage. 

What helps you navigate through the wavering nature of life?

Take time to gather your personal tools, explore what could work for you and then ferociously agree to make space for these things in your days. 


P.S. // Above I mentioned what works for me, but those may not be for you. Here are additional ideas to help you brainstorm your tool kit:
*  epsom salt bath
*  journaling
*  music
*  dance
*  a hobby, any hobby! (jewelry making, guitar, drawing/coloring books, knitting, etc)
*  EFT Tapping 
*  Energy Medicine