It may be old school but non-commercial radio is my jam - WKCR & WFUV for the win. The big broadcast on Sunday nights {music from the 20's and 30's} on WFUV is an all time fave. 

Devouring this book all week. One woman's memoir of chronic illness and the mind-body strategies she turned to when nothing else was working. It explores the concept of Psychoneuroimmunology {the study of the potent interaction between our psychological state of mind + our cellular and immune function} - mind blowing. 

It's a challenge to find good news these days, but if you look closely, you'll find it. Heart melt. 

This year I'm focusing on some specific savings goals and enlisted the help of Learnvest. I even upgraded to a 1:1 call with one of their financial advisors. So far so good and really helpful. Financial health is v. important!

Fellow book lovers, you'll like this. We know there are many advantages to reading, but a new study surprised me with the most recent edge us book worms have. 

Socratic questioning to conquer negative thinking

I don't like football. But, we have a family tradition of getting together on the Superbowl because my Dad makes his famous chili {thankfully he upgraded to grass-fed meat a few years ago so that I'd eat it. :-) } Deciding what I'm going to bring and drawing inspo from this list

For lunches this week I stuck with the tahini theme but I had some cilantro around so used this dressing recipe and drizzled it over sprouted grains, sautéed veggies and sprouted pumpkin seeds