SlICE 08

Been fending off a cold with this immune boosting tonic, vitamin c, mushroom tincture, garlic, veggies, water and rest. 

Checked out this new infared sauna spot in Westchester last weekend - felt SO good. If you're in NYC I've heard great things about Higher Dose . Infared sauna's have a myriad of benefits - you can read more about it here

Got re-inspired to meditate regularly after reading this blog post by Kelly Brogan MD- if you haven't read her book, I fully recommend it. 
+ After reading her post, I decided to commit to this 3 minute meditation for the next 40 days, starting tomorrow. If you want to join me LMK! Accountability helps. :)

Discovered this recipe blog last week and made this soup  {added sliced shiitake mushrooms} which I brought to work for lunch and this crock pot chicken which worked out well to make on a Sunday and then heat up in the oven later that week for dinner. Definitely plan to try some of her sheet pan meals for easy weeknight dinners. 

Bringing Nuttzo with me in a little container for a work snack lately - sometimes paired with an apple, usually just right off a spoon. 

Whenever I travel, I love to pick-up some sort of locally made self-care product - currently loving the Cake Face Soaping Body Lotion I picked up in New Orleans. 

We welcomed Spring this week - Equinox Blessings