Up next on my reading list. 

Been watching episodes of The School of Life after listening to an amazing interview with it's founder on the podcast On Being.

A client tipped me off to these ghee products - bought this one and this one. I already have their plain one, but woah these others are next level. This one is definitely on my list to try too. 

Scored this book at the local used book shop the other week - can't wait to dig in. 

Still on the alcohol free train - this weeks mocktails were made with concentrated pomegranate extract (#antioxidants), sparkling mineral water & maple bitters .

Grain free tortilla chips! Discovered at Whole Foods. So good. 

Made this nightshade free chili the other night. 

For some quick lunches this week I chopped up romaine lettuce, drizzled with olive oil + lemon + olive tapenade  & in a separate container mixed up wild yellowtail  + 1 tbsp of mayo + chopped carrots and celery + salt & pepper. Once at work, mix it up!

Been keeping this bone broth on hand - you can find it at Whole Foods in the freezer section.